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Ideal for Options Income Traders

Our Signals are Directional

Our trading algorithm selects the highest probability opportunity for a moderately bullish advance.

Our algo searches for short term opportunities

Trade durations range from a few days to a maximum of three weeks.

Our algorithm “Buys the Dip”

Selecting a buying opportunity for a stock when the prices are falling enables the collection of higher premiums from selling puts.

We do not offer options training services

Please note that we do not provide options education or consulting services but there are lots of folks who do. If you are unfamiliar with options trading, we suggest you research options trading books or training courses. Here are the important points:

  • Our signals are directional  (moderately bullish)
  • Our trades are short-term, from a few days to a few weeks  (3 weeks max)
  • Our algorithm “buys the dip”  (collect higher premiums from selling puts)