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Fully Transparent / Easy to Trade

Buy and Sell signals are after the market close

Buy and sell signals are typically available by 7:30PM ET on market days. This gives you plenty of time to do your own research (if desired) and to place any orders for the next market open.

All trades are made at the market price on the open of the next trading day

To mirror our trades, you can place an order with your online broker any time before the next market open using this option. As a trader, you have the option of holding the order placement after the next market open for an opportunity to get a better fill. We use the market price at the next open to simulate each entry/exit and to provide complete transparency for each trade.

Equity growth charts provide a visual performance assessment

Our equity growth charts can be compared to equal dollar amounts in the S&P 500 benchmark. By selecting the desired lookback period, the comparison can be made over a wide selection of timeframes.

Detailled, fully transparent trade-by-trade details (simulated) are available

The Performance Results Matrix can be selected for each portfolio. The matrix shows the simulated annual and monthly profits and losses over the last eight years. By clicking on any month cell in the matrix you see the complete trading activity for that month. Further, by clicking on the ticker symbol in any monthly trading activity report, you can see the all details of each trade.