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Simulated Accounts / Nightly Updates

You can follow one of four portfolios as your default selection

The four portfolios respectively permit a maximum of 1, 2, 3, or 4 open positions at a time. Any of four can share an open position of a given stock. However, there is no explicit correlation between the open positions of the portfolios.

You can examine and study any of the four portfolios

You select your default portfolio from the 'My Settings' selection on the menu bar. Your email notifications and alerts are based on your default portfolio. However, you can view Today’s Activity, Performance Results, or Equity Growth by selecting a different portfolio on each respective page at any time.

You get alerts for activity in your default portfolio

In your Settings, You can elect to receive nightly emails and/or text messaging alerts for activity in your default portfolio. Emails and texts are sent after each market day close, typically by 7:30PM ET. This gives you plenty of time to investigate the potential trade, and optionally place a market order for the next open.

Multiple positions provide reduced volatility due to diversification

There will be times when a portfolio has multiple open positions. In general, multiple positions helps to reduce risk through diversification. In cases where the algorithm has multiple trading opportunities, it will also diversify the open positions by holding open trades in multiple industry sectors whenever possible.

Portfolios can be scaled to your capitalization

The number of shares purchased per trade is computed as the number that can be purchased for $10,000. If you use the Max-4 portfolio, this implies that you have at least a $40,000 account. Of course, in live trading the number of shares you trade is entirely up to you.