Be Your Own Hedge Fund

Algorithmic Trading Portfolios  for the Self-Directed Investor

  Portfolios are virtual and stock trades are simulated.  Please see our FAQ

Custom Portfolios
Nightly Updates

Choose a portfolio based on its maximum number of open positions. You'll receive nightly updates and alerts for the next open. You're always in control because you're trading your own brokerage account.

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Fully Transparent
Minimal Effort

We simulate each trade at the next opening bell price. At your discretion, you can mirror our trades in an online brokerage account by placing your order for the next market open. Requires just minutes a day.

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ldeal for Options
Income Traders

If you trade options for income, you'll find our swing trading signals well-suited to short-term directional strategies such as vertical put spreads. Our holding periods range from a few days to a few weeks.

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